TD KENT explores the relationship between technology and sculpture through eyewear.

We specifically try to express how technology and sculpture interact with each other through time. Therefore, sometimes we experiment with the past, sometimes with the present, and sometimes with the future of eyewear.

The result of this experimental process is reflected in the materials, shape, and function of our eyewear. Sometimes it results in more classic and relatable designs, and sometimes with completely unpredictable and experimental designs.

The balance of this contrasting practice is where our design philosophy roots from.



Our technological approach to design has led us to develop a unique design and product development process that results in unique eyewear designs and silhouettes that are impossible to re-create using traditional eyewear production and design processes.

This ability to expand and challenge what is possible creatively has lead us to develop a good reputation with designers and the fashion industry. We are not bound by the creative and production limits that plague the eyewear industry. 

We always try to challenge what is possible creatively through continuous technological innovation.